Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bang Kapi Letter--August 5, 2013

Sorry that this may be a short letter but we went apartment hunting beforehand and have a shopping appointment with Sister Ning (investigator) and Sister Yoo (amazing member who we love very very much). Sadly Sister Yoo is going to England this month but we are very excited for her.  

I would like to report that all is well here and that both Sister Orchard and I are of good health. We are of good spirits as well because we may be able to move from a house (creepy and dirty) to a new apartment (smaller and easy to maintain). We are very hopeful and very excited. It will also be closer to the church and to the supermarket and we won't have to cross the very huge street anymore. Three cheers of excitement! We will meet with the owner tonight so hopefully things will go well. 

I should have very exciting news next time I write. It resembles the news about Chris (Barbie's boyfriend, who is getting baptized soon) (which I got really excited about and almost screamed for joy. I didn't though since we are in a public place.) but it has to do with an amazing 13 year old. His mother is a recent covert (like in June) and he is going to get baptized this upcoming Sunday. He has been perfect and is really excited. He's a great kid. 

Sister Yoo is reading over my shoulder and just pointed out that I have used the word "exciting" a lot. Sorry. :)

Sister Ning is doing amazing as well. Miracles have happened with her. The Lord has truly blessed her desire to learn. Before she was having a lot of struggles understanding the scriptures but that is changing. On Friday she was sick and spent that time reading. We had given her a list (6 to 10) of scriptures about Christ and had asked her to read them. She did and then wrote a short summary of what she learned. She said she believed what she wrote down as well. Then she read through three of the pamphlets we had given her (Restoration, Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Plan of Salvation) and answered the questions on the back. She was so excited for us to read her answers because she wanted to know if they were right. I almost started crying I was so happy. And I can feel tears forming behind my eyes right now thinking about it. She has such amazing faith. She has such an amazing desire to learn and understand and the Lord is truly helping her. Titie (in the last letter her name was spelled Ditdii, but it sounds like this are two ways of writing the name through the English alphabet) (her daughter) is a miracle as well. That 7 year-old is amazing. She wanted her own copy of the Book of Mormon so she started writing a copy for herself. When we visited Sister Ning Friday night, Sister Ning asked us to bring a Book of Mormon for Titie. When we gave it to Titie, she promptly wrote her name in it. She was really excited. That family is so truly wonderful. 

We have to go soon so I will end with something I learned/thought about from my morning studies:

I would really like to learn more about Zoram. He must have been such an amazing man with great faith to be willing to leave literally everything behind and follow Nephi. I mean, right then and there, he just followed Nephi. Nephi said that he was commanded of God and Zoram dropped all his concerns and followed Nephi. Amazing.

Point two: the book Jesus the Christ is utterly awesome and I love it. I am currently in chapter 10 (ish). So amazing! Was Talmage writing as himself or as an Apostle when he wrote it? He has some amazing insights about Christ in there

Last but not least: Alma 5:48. This is from Sister Yoo but I totally second it. I have been studying about the Tree of Life the past couple of days and I love the symbolism. I love how this verse talks about being baptized unto repentance. Repentance is not complete without baptism or without the sacrament. Sister Yoo thought of Chris when she showed me this scripture. We are all very very very happy for him ^v^ (smiley from Sister Yoo)

Well, I must depart into the world of shopping. It's great :)

Love you all very very very very very very very very much!!!!! =D


~Sister Slaugh <3

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