Monday, September 9, 2013

Bangkapi letter - September 2, 2013

Hey family. I only have about 10 minutes because we have an appointment soon so sorry in advance for the short letter.

First off, I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT CHRIS AND BENJAMIN. In all honesty, started crying. I am sooo happy. So happy. Congrats to Chris making one of the best decisions in his life. I know it will totally bless him forever. I am so excited for him. And I loved the pictures of Benjamin. :)
Second, this week l learned so much about revelation and the line of authority on receiving revelation. I can talk more about it next time but a couple of days ago Sister Orchard went on a switch-off and I "trained" a greenie (only 2-3weeks in country) for the day. It is truly amazing how much the Spirit guides. And it is so amazing how he guides. No overwhelming feelings. Just little pokes in the right direction. 
Third, weird foods of this week: bugs. Some of my favorite members gave them to me with this comment: Arroy (meaning tasty). They took off the feet first for me. Actually quite good. No joke. Reminds me of pumpkin seeds. I had about three but I would not be against eating them again in the future. 
Fourth, Sister Jane and Sister Jeep want to get baptized at the end of this month!!!!!! I am so excited because I love those two girls so much. The day they chose a date, Sister Aay (the member that introduced them) had been fasting for them. What an amazing testimony builder. Right after you break your fast, Sister Orchard being prompted to talk to Sister Jane about baptism. Sister Orchard asked Sister Jane what was stopping her. Sister Jane responded with: "How do you know when you have enough faith?" A little later, Sister Jane and Sister Jeep picked September 29th as their date though they are thinking of changing it to be sooner. 
This week has been absolutely amazing. I have been so blessed. Tracting has been a lot of fun. Teaching has been great. I feel like I can understand most of everything that is being said even though I don't feel like I can say everything I want to. The language is not a barrier though. I can say and understand everything I need to though it would be nicer to know more. The members say that I have really improved since when I first got here. Speaking is becoming easier and more natural. The Lord has really blessed me and I know without Him, all this would be impossible. 
I have to go. I love you all very very very much! =D 
Sending many prayers,
Sister Slaugh
P.S: I am going to a crocodile farm today so there will be pictures next week. Much love! =D

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