Friday, February 14, 2014

Chiang Mai Letter--January 20, 1014

Dear Family,
I refuse to believe that we only have one more week of January. Where does the time go?
So this week. Well, fun stuff first. Wednesday evening we pranked the Elders (Wheeler and Nirut). We drew on their helmets with white-board markers. We were in choir when the Elders found the drawings (unicorns, hearts, and other girly stuff). When we next saw the elders, Elder Wheeler told me to keep my chin up. That obviously got me slightly worried. Guess what I found when I exited the church that evening. Not my bike if that was what you were thinking. Yup. The classic bike in a tree. They unlocked my bike (Elders have odd and slightly worrisome talents sometimes) and stuck it in a tree. I was super impressed. They changed my bike lock too so I had to go to their house (a 2 second walk from the church) to ask them what it was. The numbers they left the lock on was 5550. 5 in Thai is "ha" so my lock said "ha ha ha". Excellent job Elders. There happened to still be male members at the church so they got my bike down--they wouldn't let me help besides unlocking the bike. Skirts--they limit the things you can do. But don't worry, we have already gotten the elders back. :) Salty brownies. Don't worry, we didn't use the brownie mix you sent. Those brownies were made correctly and were happily eaten (and we shared with the Elders too). We bought another pack and used a small portion of it to give to the Elders. That was last night. I tried the brownies before giving them to the Elders (giving them a heart attack is not something I want to happen) and they are super salty. I am quite proud of myself. My companion thinks it's really funny when I try to prank people because they are always innocent pranks and I have the inability to lie.
We had another training this week (two of the assistants to the President and Sister Reedy, the sister training leader) which was really good. One of the things they talked to us about was being the elect in order to find the elect. I really liked that. Also, as missionaries, we are supposed to talk to everyone. Everyone. They said how we probably think we are talking to everyone we see but are we really? Afterwards Sister Ng and I went inviting with Sister Reedy and Sister Packard (her companion). Where you ask? In front of the church. To the people on the motorcycles driving by. Before I thought I was talking to everyone but while inviting I realized that there was a huge bunch of people we have never talked to - the motorcycle drivers. In Thailand, motorcycles are super common. It's like having a motorcycle in Thailand is like having a car in America - basically everyone does. So yeah, this new inviting method is a lot of fun. It's so much more convenient too. There is no travel time and if people are interested, you can teach them right then and there at the church. Super sweet. Something different about missionary work in Thailand and missionary work in America--in America you teach at people's homes, but in Thailand you teach at the church. There are always people at the church and the church is almost always open. I love it. But yeah, we have started teaching a lot of new people because of this method. Beforehand getting to teach a first lesson was super hard (people rarely show up to appointments or answer their phones) but now getting to teach a second lesson is hard (same reason). I prefer it this way though. Before, people didn't really know much about our beliefs--how much can you really tell them in 2 minutes? Now they know more (they just had a 20 minute lesson and tour of the church) so they can use their agency better. They have more knowledge and their decision is more on them. I am less accountable about their decision now. It's nice to know.
Um...what else?
I don't like Satan. He is really annoying and frustrating. A marvelous work is coming forth in Thailand (there is a temple coming) and obviously he doesn't like that. He is thrashing around trying to stop us but this is one rolling rock (cut out of the mountain without hands) that just cannot be stopped. It is amazing that despite all the trials and hardships happening right now, the work goes on and goes faster. Missionaries are having struggles. Our recent converts are getting hit so hard. We are meeting harder rejections more often. But still the works goes on and happily at that. Two of our strongest recent converts (one of 5 months and the other of 1) have been hit so hard lately with marriage issues and actual abuse. It's been so sad and so hard to see them have these struggles but they are so strong. So much stronger than so many people I know. They lean on the Lord so much. They trust Him. All they want to do is serve God and help as much as they can with the missionary work. They are so happy still. I mean, they are super sad because of all these problems but they have so much hope. We cry with them a lot but they are always comforting us. They are so strong. They have such strong faith and so much love. They are so amazing.
Um... what else? Our current investigators rock. One is super solid and is getting baptized next month on her birthday. She really wants to be a missionary. Another we just met last week. He came up to us and told us that he wanted to repent and cleansed from his sin but he didn't know how. Well, we can help you with that. I love it when they come up to you. And! He has been reading in his scriptures. That's super cool! There are some others like that too. Um... I would tell you about the rest of them but I don't have time. So I am going to close this and attach the picture of the bike. Going to another mountain today.
Oh, my new camera rocks too! I can actually see the pictures I'm taking. It's sweet. =D
~Sister Slaugh

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