Monday, March 17, 2014

Udon Letter--March 17, 2014

I hope you are all enjoying a delicious mint pie in honor of this holiday.

Another week has passed by and I have no idea what to write about. What in particular would you all like to read or hear about? 

I am the English leader again and we are back to using the old book (the one Lorri worked on). The new program isn't ready yet. Apparently Udon used to have a really good-sized English class but then it started to die down. Now there aren't that many people that come. We are going to try to change that but really I have no idea how to. The first step is putting up flyers. That should help a lot. 

Last week for p-day we went to a statue garden. The statues are a mix of Buddhist and Hindu and are super interesting. They are made of wood and sooooo huge. I'll attach some pictures. 
Monday night we had FHE at a member's house. It was fun. The member and her parents have both been sealed in the temple. That's so rare and soooo cool! They showed us their temple sealing certificate - it was framed. 
Do missionaries in the states do FHE at member's houses? Did that lady that mom was helping drive around ever get baptized? 

Wednesday I went to Nong Kai for a switch-off. It was fun. I saw some missionaries that I have served with in the past which was a lot of fun. It's cool seeing them again especially now that we have all changed. 

I totally understand that Wesley was shocked that I am more than half-way through. I am too! I still feel so young in the mission but I am really quite old.  

We are finally building up our investigator pool. We are teaching a family which is absolutely amazing! The father is absolutely amazing and really wants to learn. He can't come to the church often to meet with us so we call him every night to read scriptures with him. He and his wife are both fantastic and want to learn. And they have four children. And he and Elder Brown (senior missionary) are like brothers. Now the only issue is helping them get to church so they can get baptized. The more we teach them, the more faith they will have, and the easier it will be. 

Let's see. What else?
Have I always been directionally challenged? Maybe it just wasn't apparent because I've lived in the same neighborhood my entire life. I know I got lost a lot while camping but.... It is sooo apparent as a missionary. The bright side is that I make my companion laugh multiple times a day just because I am sooooo directionally challenged. I never have any idea where I am. I've even missed the right turn to get to the church or our house a couple of times. Dude. Maybe I'm just always thinking about other things so I'm not paying attention. Yeah, let's go with that. That makes me feel better. :) 

I don't really know what else to talk!
So Sister Yim and I think that we are getting closer to a temple because everywhere in Thailand the Church is facing a lot of opposition. Satan isn't happy which gives us a lot of motivation to keep on working hard. :) 

I'm glad you got the package! :) Yay it actually got there. Whee. 

All in all. Life is good. The food is soooo tasty. The members are great. Investigators are progressing (finally). Everything is happy. Zone conference is this Thursday which is fun. 


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