Monday, May 5, 2014

Bagna Letter--May 5, 2014

Dear Family,
First off, who in their right mind gave Barbie a typewriter? I sent Abbie a letter that was a result of getting a hold of my dad's old typewriter. Was that Daddy's old typewriters? Haha. Though, admittedly, it was really really really funny to read. :)

Toffee got baptized. It's actually quite a miracle. So we fasted with him from Tuesday to Wednesday. Wednesday he didn't answer his phone so obviously we were kinda freaking out. Thursday he calls us (apparently he has two numbers - Thai people with their millions of numbers) and tells us the miracle (and I will tell it to you...hopefully I remember correctly). He said on Tuesday or Wednesday he asked his boss if he could get off work on Sunday. Thursday morning his boss told him that his meeting this Sunday morning was canceled so he could get off. And starting in June (because the schedule for May was already set) he could change his day off to be Sunday. Toffee was soooo excited when he told us. He couldn't believe it. Then we taught him before  his interview and when we asked him if he believe in God, he was sooo very confident. It was a fantastic experience for him. Unfortunately he can't come to church for another three weeks but God planned it very well that Toffee can come on the 4th Sunday so he can get confirmed (if they don't get confirmed within four weeks of being baptized, they have to be baptized again). That fact that he got this Sunday off was a miracle so we figured God wanted him to get baptized this Sunday.  

Sister Embley and I have decided that we are now international sisters because we literally teach and contact so many international people. Our Chinese man dropped us but we are now teaching two Cambodian men (before it was 3 but one dropped us) and some people from Pakistan and Malaysia. One of the Cambodian men is on track to be baptized next week. So that will be an interesting interview... especially because he will have to interview twice (he was in prison before - i think that is where he 'found' Christ). They do understand a little bit of Thai though - that's how we teach them: in Thai and with a lot of scriptures. Apparently our Chinese man actually didn't want to learn about Christ - he told us himself (via member translation) that he wasn't sincere. That was sad and confusing. Oh well. We meet a lot of international people. Bangkok. But don't worry, we still have opportunities to teach Thai people too. Good stuff. 

Sorry this is soooooo short. I'll see you all next Monday (or Sunday)!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! =D
I'm excited for the twins!!!!
P.S: Dif and Dam from Udon got baptized!!!! =D

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