Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MTC letter--May 2, 2013

Okay, this is the first snail mail letter we have gotten from Sister Slaugh. She wrote it May 2 (thus the title), we received it May 8 (just an hour or two after we got the email), and I kind of kept forgetting to post it until today. Sorry. Anyway, here it is!
As a bit of fun, count all the times she uses the word "great." Seriously, it's funny.

Dear Family (and friends),
Well howdy do. :) The MTC is great. No seriously, this place is amazing and fantastic and great and wonderful and just so cool. It is really overwhelming but the atmosphere is so great. The Spirit is really strong here. I love it.
So the first day. Yes Barbie I know that was a fragment; sorry. The MTC is a very well-oiled machine. When we pulled up to the curb of the MTC, there were missionaries there to help you with your things and guide you to your living area and classroom. I live in building 9 in room 119. The room is small but we are barely in there so it's not an issue.
I have two companions instead of just one. Sister Phelps is from Southern California and Sister Hughes is from Northern California. They are amazing! We've gotten along fantastically so far. We have similar senses of humor, attitudes, and knowledge of the Gospel. There are only two other sister missionaries in our room: Sister DuPlessis and Sister Stack. Sister DuPlessis is the girl from my mission prep class and is from Wisconsin. Sister Stack is from Salt Lake City, Utah. They are also just great. We all eat together and have class together and basically do everything together so we have already gotten very close. I am so excited to get to know them better and to grow with them. I'm excited to be here but their excitement is making mine even greater.
So every companionship is put in a district, but, unlike the Hunger Games, they are not numbered, they are lettered. I am in District A for the Thai missison. (Actually, in the letter it's District A with some tiny little mark as a subscript to the A, but I can't tell what it is. Maybe a smaller A? Or a backwards 4 ... ) The districts are made up of only people going to the same mission. My district is made up of my room and four elders. We have all our classes and meetings together. They are all great.
We started learning Thai the first day here. Our teacher--Brother Shipley from New Jersey--has been speaking to us in only Thai. He is a great teacher and we have already learned a lot. It was somewhat overwhelming the first day but I love it here so much.
Well I have to got to another activity but I wanted to get a letter out. I'll write again soon but I wanted to send this out now.
Love you all!
~Sister Slaugh

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