Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pictures--May 15, 2013

 The Thai sisters with their flag. Spot Sister Slaugh!

Some of the Thai language. Don't bother asking me what it says. Maybe Lorri will be good enough to translate for us. It looks cool, though. 

Apparently this is Elder Passey demonstrating his ability to lick his own elbow. I'm not sure if I'm impressed or disturbed. 

This is Sister Slaugh's zone, but minus the new ones like her. Apparently these people were all leaving this week, so they took a picture of them with the flags of their destinations. 

The older Thai sisters, Sister Slaugh, and her companions.  Apparently the "trios" are standing every other. So Sister Slaugh's companions are girls numbers 4 and 6 (starting from the left). And no, I don't know which is Sister Phelps and which is Sister Hughes. I can't see their nametags from this far away.

 All the Thai sisters again. Judging by the way Sister Slaugh is just in this one dress mainly, I'm going to guess they took all these outside pictures on the same day.

 Sister Slaugh's companions. I can make out one nametag now, so the girl in the gray jacket is Sister Phelps, and the one in the red skirt is Sister Hughes.

the Thai district

Sister Slaugh and her cousin Elder McCleary!


  1. The circle on the top says PLAN then going around the circle clockwise you have PERSONAL STUDY – COMPANIONSHIP STUDY (literally STUDY WITH COMPANION) – LANGUAGE STUDY – TEACH WITH THE SPIRIT. On the right it says HELP. On the bottom it says KNOW – FEEL – DO/ACT. I’m not sure on the word on the left. It wasn’t written by the same person and two of the letters are suspect. I think whoever wrote was trying to duplicate the word in the middle of the circle – PURPOSE. The word above that is AND.