Friday, June 28, 2013

Pictures--June 26, 2013

Once again, the district, also known as the disco

The district sisters

The district elders 

Sister Slaugh and her companions 

Companions again. They tried for a hug but Sister Slaugh fell down. 

Laughing at the fall. Silly sisters. 

Pointing to Thailand on the map
Sister Hughes took this picture.

 They are doing TALL right now, which Sister Slaugh explains as language learning on the computer.

The caption says "The Savior has done his part, are you doing yours?". Sister Slaugh says that "Someone thought this meant the part of your hair and was rather confused." 

Biohazard bags for the bed bugs

Sister Slaugh and her companions after cleaning (after the bed bugs).
Sister Hughes took this picture.

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