Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chiang Mai Pictures--October 21, 2013

Technically, we got these pictures on 10/28. But Abbie's subject line for this email (the pictures came as a separate email) says "this was from last week. the computer turned off before I could send it. working on this week's letter." So I say these are 10/21 pictures.
These captions are exactly as Sister Slaugh wrote them. Except for the quotation marks. I added those.

 "Sleeping on the bus"

"It rained a lot and flooded a tad. Picture of Sister Wiganda and Sister Weed (Sister Hughes' companion - they are in our district in Sinakarin)"

 "Sister Zatarain got attacked by a saledude at the Mall"

"tacos for dinner!!!"

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