Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chiang Mai Letter--October 30, 2013

Hello dear family!! =D 
So last week Barbie told me that I had permission to eat fish. I was so shocked and also my ability to understand English has decreased so I instead let some fish eat my feet. (And here was me, thinking I was such a generous, benevolent big sister for relenting on the fish issue...) But in all reality. Sister Zatarain had to register for classes (she goes home in November) so while she was on the computer, I was making a thousand phone calls. The internet place that we went to also has a "fish spa". There are these tanks of fish (about the size of the fish in our tank at home) and you put your feet in. The fish then nibble on your dead skin I guess. It felt weird and don't really feel like it did anything. But now I can say that I did it. :)

So what happened this week? 
Monday - We woke up at 6 to play soccer with the Elders and some investigators. 

Tuesday - English class. I'm English leader again. I don't mind doing it because (as bad as it sounds) I like having responsibility. The English program in Chiang Mai is kind of small and so has a lot of room for improvement. It'll be fun. :)

Wednesday. So I guess before I tell you about Wednesday I need to explain a little about transportation in Chiang Mai. I still don't have my bike yet so our options are walking or public transport. Unlike the city, Chiang Mai doesn't have any somtaws or really any taxis. Our options are rotdangs. That literally translates to "Red Car." They are kind of like public taxis but cheaper. You tell the driver where you want to go like a taxi but there are multiple groups of people in the car (more like a truck or mini bus). So on Wednesday we wanted to take a Rotdang to an investigator's house. There were a couple people in the car around but the driver said that he would drop us off on the way to the other stops. He said it would take like 10ish minutes. He lied. He went in the opposite direction of where we wanted to go and we were in there for about 40 minutes. Luckily the investigator's home is also her place of work and she and the member that was going to help are really good friends. So our being late wasn't terrible but I still felt bad. 

Thursday was just a normal day. We planned for the upcoming week like usual. Ever since Monday, Sister Zatarain and I have been waking up at 6. We run for 30 minutes and then I teach her soccer for the next thirty. It's really funny because I have no idea what I'm doing. Monday was the second time in her life that she played. 

Friday. Taught an American. It is soooo hard teaching in English. It felt awkward and hard to think of certain words. I kept on wanting to teach in Thai. There is a reason I was called to teach the gospel in Thai and not in English. Haha it's so bad. Also now when I talk to Sister Zatarain in English, I mess up English grammar and I say words wrong a lot. So basically when you next see me, I won't be able to talk to anyone. Sorry. :) But don't worry, everyone. When she comes home, I will sit her down and she and I shall review English grammar and spelling for days until I am satisfied.

I don't have much time left soo... miracle story from one of our investigators: Sister Goy is one of our daters and she is such a miracle. She had an amazing experience with fasting this weekend. Earlier in her learning she had told her mom that she was thinking of changing religions and her mom told her that if she did that, she didn't need to ever come home again. This weekend Sister Goy wanted to tell her mom that she was planning on getting baptized so she fasted for the first time. Sister Goy and her mom stayed up to 2am talking about it. Her mom is fine with her getting baptized. Yay fasting! =D

Love you all! Take pictures of Halloween for me! 

~Sister Slaugh

Apparently one of the places they went to gives you the "history" of non-native foods. Or at least that's what I suppose.

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