Friday, November 22, 2013

Chiang Mai Letter--November 4, 2013

Is it seriously November?
I feel like I keep on saying that but it's true. I've been a missionary for 6 months. I cannot believe it. Wow. I feel like part of my disbelief is because it feels like time never changes in Chiang Mai. I mean, the sun sets and rises but the weather never changes. It's not raining anymore which means it's no longer rainy season. Besides that, time is constant. 

So something that you might be interested in is the following. We now have a new senior couple in Chiang Mai. Elder and Sister Ure. President Ure's Dad and Mom. Yup. It's super weird that the dad of the guy who set me apart as a missionary is now serving in the same area as me. 

That is sooo cool that Anita was able to go to the temple! I miss it so much. 

So last Saturday one of our investigators got baptized. Her name is Sister Iit. She's been an investigator for 2 years. And she finally was able to get baptized this Saturday. It was soooo exciting! But...our normal pianist for every activity wasn't able to attend. Guess who got the lovely honor of playing for the baptism. Yup. Me. The other 7 missionaries in Chiang Mai currently do not play so I did. It went ... Well, let's just say that it's really good Sister Bristol asked me to bring a simplified hymn book with me on my mission. I had the tempo and the tune great but sometimes the notes weren't as correct. That's okay. The baptism still went on amazingly. And Sister Iit still got baptized. 

After the baptism something really funny happened. We were cleaning up when Sister Iit walked up to us holding the hand of a crying child. Apparently he was in the corner of the bathroom crying. His grandparents had forgotten him. It was sad but just so adorable and really funny. Poor little 5 year-old having to be stuck at the church with 6 missionaries. We had no idea what to do because we couldn't touch him or hold him. We kept on trying to distract him while two other missionaries tried desperately to get in touch with some of his family members. Eventually they got a hold of the aunt and uncle (the younger siblings of the kid's parent) who then rushed to the church as fast as they could. So yeah, a request to all parents and grandparents, please don't forget your 5 year-olds at the church with a bunch of missionaries. But still, it was really funny. 

Um... I'm not really sure what else to report on for this week. 
I was a missionary for Halloween. Thailand (or at least Chiang Mai) doesn't really celebrate Halloween. No decorations and no one was dressed up. 

I absolutely love my companion so much. We get along sooooo well and she is so funny. She's helped me a lot with teaching and with the language too. Oh my goodness she is sooo amazing. 

Getting around to appointments is a lot easier when you have a bike. I much prefer having a bike though I think I have biked more this week than I have my entire mission so far. It's fun. :) 

I feel like I keep on learning this but oh well. It's so cool to me that when you work your hardest but still fall short, the Lord steps in and makes up the rest. This is true with us trying to reach our goals and this is true with me learning Thai. I've been trying to study the scriptures in Thai and I haven't felt like I've been getting much out of it. Today He really helped me understand that I was really and feel the Spirit while reading. It was cool.
Studying the scriptures is sooo important. Today we will teach at a FHE at using the scriptures as a personal liahona (Alma 37:40-46). It is important that we become familiar with the scriptures and fall in love with them. This religion stands and falls on the truthfulness of those books. The Book of Mormon has the answer to every single question in this life. Every verse has been and every story has an application in our life. This past week we used the story of Lehonti (Alma 47:4,8-19) to help an investigator know about the importance of enduring and keeping the faith. If we falter even in the least, we can fall. We can't come down from the mountain, even half way. Lehonti probably thought he was doing really great when he went along with Amalickiah's plan but I highly doubt he felt that great when he died from being poisoned "by degrees."  Don't falter on any accounts. Lean on the Lord. Keep the faith.

Love you much! 
~Sister Slaugh :)

P.S: How is everyone in seminary doing. I hope you all are staying awake. :)

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