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Bangna Letter--June 9, 2014

Happy anniversary to Delsa and Jon ... right? That's today, right? Or tomorrow? I just remember that it was early June around the next couple of days. Maybe it's the 11th... (It's June 10th, actually.)
How are the youth doing back at home? Are Patty and Ali at college already? Where are they going? I know Sarah and Aza are going to BYU (Sarah told me). Where are Bianca and Chris going? Have Kenzie, Bradley, Sabrina, Javier, and Alex graduated yet or is that next year? You already said that Rob will graduate next year--I just can't remember who is his age. That kid Joe? I feel like I'm going to get home and not know anyone. I guess that's a good thing--change is good. Has Jared gone on a mission yet?

Life is good here in Bangna. This past week has been kinda hard but that's okay. Hard times just help us appreciate the good times more. A lot of people used their agency the wrong way this week. But still, a lot of people used it the right way. Life goes on and the world keeps on turning. All the while we are laboring in the vineyard.

We had zone conference this past week. It was a surprise but I am so grateful for it. We weren't supposed to have it for another transfer but it was great. President Senior says one of the most important things about zone conference is that we get to gather as missionaries and feel of each other's spirits. It's sooo true. I love zone conference so much! I love listening to President and Sister Senior. I love being instructed on what we can do better. I love seeing other missionaries. President and Sister Khanakham talked to us too--about working more with church leaders. It was great.

At zone conference we talked about the importance of understanding the Godhead and about repentance. President Senior brought up a fascinating point that this world is very confused about who God is. He gave many examples of this and because I can't give his words justice, I'll leave it at that. He brought up that the Nicean creed said that God is unknowable. But the truth of the matter is that God wants to be known. We (meaning everyone) have the ability to pray to Him and what better way is there to get to know someone than talking to him everyday? President talked about the purpose of commandments, repentance, and this life--to prepare us to become like God. That's our goal, isn't it? Our goal can't just be to get back to Heaven because, as an apostle has said, why would we have ever left if that was our goal. There must be something more than just getting back. There is. We want--and more importantly God wants--us to become like Him.  God knows what it takes to become like Him. Hence commandments and repentance. President Senior has asked us to make sure we are teaching that--teach the why. The why is the atonement and that we can become like God. President Senior taught that people are more likely to keep the commandments and our commitments if they understand why they are doing them. They aren't just rules. This is the way to become like God.

So what happened this week?
Monday. Like I said, we went to Asoke for interviews. Afterwards we went ice skating. That was fun. It's not super common here to go ice skating which, you know, makes sense. Monday night we taught a new guy named Bird. He brought a friend with him because he was scared to meet with us. This is understandable because he is Buddhist and has never gone to a Christian church before. And we are white and from our 5 second conversation with him outside 7-11 the previous day, he probably didn't know that we can speak pretty good Thai. But yeah, after that lesson he was no longer scared of us. That's good. :)
Tuesday we taught our 17 year-old female investigator named Oom. She's great (or at least she was on Tuesday). We watched Finding Faith in Jesus Christ so she could understand more of who He is. Used facebook. Had district meeting. Contacted. That night we taught some more new investigators, new members, and English. So a good night.
Wednesday. Visited an LA. Taught three new members. Taught Book of Mormon class. Everyday we go contacting for at least 2 hours so we did that too.
Thursday. Oom again. Read in the scriptures with her and emphasized how important it is to read everyday (she has been struggling). At the end of the lesson, she said the closing prayer and said how she now feels like she understands why it is so important to read everyday. She said that while before she was sometimes to lazy to read everyday, she will now read every day. It's so nice when they get it.
oh. 5 minutes left. I'll make the rest short...
Taught some amazing new investigators who have been searching for Christ.
Friday. Accidently taught two drunk guys. We promise to never to do it again. Our RCs helped us teach--the ones that got baptized the previous sunday. They're great. I'll talk more about them next week.

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