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Bangna Letter--May 26, 2014

The subject line this time was "Did you know this is a Budhhist country?"

That lovely gem is from a farang who had been watching us invite. I love when people (farang or Thai) comment on what we are doing because they just don't understand. Everyone seems to believe that we should only be talking to Christians because "I'm Buddhist" or my favorite - "I Buddha." But honestly, none of the Christians want to talk to us either, because they've already "been" baptized. I'm grateful that our message is for one and all and that we are looking for the elect - the ones that will receive us. For example: Jo is a 20 year-old Buddhist that has been wanting to learn about Christ but didn't know how. Or you have George, a 35 year-old Christian, who has spent his entire life studying the Bible trying to find the church that truly follows it. Or Oom, a 17 year-old girl who had been to church before and really really liked it and wanted to learn more.

This week has been interesting. Obviously you have all heard about what has been happening in Thailand. Don't worry, everything is okay. We are safe and have many precautions in place. On Thursday we were told by the mission that we had to be home by 8pm every night. On Friday we weren't supposed to leave our house unless we had a teaching appointment. On Saturday and Sunday, we were allowed to be out and about but we were not allowed to street contact in order to keep a low profile. This morning the mission texted us saying that we could street contact again and be out till 9pm. We are sooooo very happy. On Friday my companion and I were literally going insane. Having to stay home all day except for a couple of lessons here or there is hard. But, on the bright side, all of our records are completely up-to-date and Sister Embley's and my knowledge of church history has increased because we found some DVDs at the church. Luckily the Elders live in the same building as us so we were able to meet them on the roof for lunch and dinner to get some human interactive in.
Saturday we went LA hunting which is really difficult in Thailand. Thai addresses. They are killer. We found someone though which is super exciting. But I prefer contacting.
Sunday was weird because we spent sooo much time with the members. Usually we are only supposed to spend an hour tops with members but because there was nothing else to do, we spent a lot more time. As a reminder about Thai know how in America after church is done, everyone rushes out of church as soon as they physically can? In Thailand, everyone just stays at the church. They eat together every Sunday and then just spend time together. I love it.
But we are so happy to be able to go contacting again. We have really missed it. I feel so bad for Elder McCleary and every other missionary who is in non-contacting missions. It must be so difficult.

In other news, what are you doing to the house? What? I thought we agreed that doing the 18 months that I was gone, nothing would be allowed to change. Now my neighbor has moved and my house is changing. At least the car-which-I-drive is still there as evidenced by the picture. I do appreciate Dad's comment that you are keeping the house the same color so that I can find home. Thanks. Haha :) Thanks for taking before pictures though. So will all of this be done before I get home then?

From what I remember from pre-mish, I thought I knew a good amount about the scriptures and that I had a strong testimony. Obviously I couldn't have seeing how I have grown so much and now know a lot and have a strong testimony. haha I guess in a couple of years I'll say the same thing. Just reminding you all, this church is so very true. God loves performing miracles. Give Him a reason - prayer, faith, etc - and He will perform as many miracles as He can. You know those memes (parents - if you don't know what a meme is, ask the seminary students) about Oprah - "And you get a car. And you get a car. etc etc" It's kinda the same with God. Show some faith, pray sincerely, and work hard, and God will just pours hundreds and hundreds of blessings. It's great to watch. This truly is God's work. It's not the work of man but of God. Only God can make these many miracles happen.

I love you all so very much!!!

Happy birthday Delsa!!!! =D

~Sister Slaugh

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