Monday, July 14, 2014

Bangna Letter--July 14, 2014

Hey family!
Um... I don't really know what to talk about. The new companion hasn't come yet - she will get here in a couple of days. We're excited!
Thailand just had a country-wide YSA activity. Apparently it was great! All of our RCs who went absolutely loved it. Apparently they taught about dating and marriage a good deal because our RCs came back with questions and a need for clarification. It was funny. 
Being a missionary really makes me feel like a mom with the RCs as our kids. We care for them, teach them, stress out over them, and watch them grow. I love it. I feel like in my other areas I really only got to see my RCs take their "first steps". Here in Bangna, we've watched them take their first steps and now they are running, jumping, and exploring. The RCs are flourishing here. They are so close to each other and are rooted in the Gospel and in each other. They've got each other's backs. We are forming our own little army of Helaman here. Seriously, one of our RCs has started drawing little stick-figure soldiers on everyone's name badge (did I explain the name badges last week? I can't remember).You know that scripture in D&C about great joy in heaven with the one soul that you've saved (D&C 18:15-16). I'm really understanding that joy. And if I have that much joy now, I can't even image how much joy it will be when we all get to heaven and they and their descendants have all been baptized and married in the temple. I currently feel like a mom with a ton of sons. We get a lot of proud-mommy moments. I like it. :) 
Example of a proud-mommy moment: So one of our female RCs (one of three now) used to have an issue with modesty. She didn't know and we weren't going to stress about it because frankly we were focusing on her understanding the basics of the church first. But members kept on telling me it was an issue and then God gave us a perfect opportunity to address it in a non-awkward way. And guess who was wearing a completely modest dress this Sunday? Yeah. Proud-mommy moment. She's great. :)

I really don't know what else to talk about because I feel like I am always repeating myself. I love being a missionary. It's the best thing in the world. I love being a missionary. I know this all is true. Bangna is amazing. I love my companion soooo much. The people here are fantastic. Because of this new contacting method, we are meeting sooooo many prepared people. 

Delsa's questions: 
I read in both English and in Thai. In English I'm studying about Alma the Elder. In Thai I'm studying about King Benjamin. Today though I studied about the sacrament because that's what we are discussing tonight for FHE. 
Fruits that are in season? There is this really delicious purple fruit. I have no idea how to spell it and I have no idea what it is called in English. I'll take a picture for next week.
Barbie's questions:
When it rains, everyone hides. We don't usually get sick because we usually try to arrange to do our contacting in non-raining time. meaning that we aren't in the rain for to too long. But sometimes we get pretty drenched. It's funny running home or to the Church in the rain.

HAVE A GREAT WEEK! What miracles have you seen this week?
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! and congrats to Kim on getting married! :)

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