Monday, July 21, 2014

Bangna Letter--July 21, 2014

DIEGO GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D 

This week was weird. Yup. Really weird. Also, I apologize in advance because I feel that my English has gotten a lot worse this week. I now speak in mostly just Thai all day. So English … yeah … it might be best if Barbie doesn’t read these emails until someone else edits them first. (Too late)

Monday. Normal. Good. FHE was about the sacrament and the real reason we come to church—not for friends or social stuff but for God and Christ and to renew our covenants.

Tuesday we got the call that Sister Embley would be moving at the mini transfers on Wednesday. It was expected but still very sad. 

Wednesday morning we get to the office and the new missionaries have yet to arrive—some huge storm somewhere in Asia halted their arrival. We still had mini-transfers though. In my humble opinion, President Senior is insane. Perfect. Genius. Amazing. Fantastic. Has the vision. But insane. Do you want to know what mini-transfers were like? So the office has many floors, right? For the mini-transfers he had us all (about 16 people?) stand on the first floor while he, his wife, and his three assistants stood on the second floor. He said he had just finished reading about King Benjamin and his tower that morning, hence the inspiration for the set up. So yeah. First example of his insanity is the set up. Second, he had the trainers come forward first and some missionary commented that it was like the Hunger Games. He told us that our companions would be coming sometime around 1pm so we would have to wait. 
Noon comes along and they told us that because of the storm, the new missionaries still hadn't come. Stand by. Not super fun because you don't know how to plan for each day. You have to be very flexible. So Sister Du Plessis (another trainer) and I go back to my area (because my area is in Bangkok and hers is too far away) and continue working. 
Miracle during this time. As we were going to lunch, I called up one of our investigators—Gob—who was supposed to get baptized yesterday, trying to set up an appointment. She said she wasn't free all this week and wasn't sure if she even still wanted to get baptized. This obviously was very hard for me because I just lost one of my best and closest companions. I was also worrying about training, especially training in Thai. But! God is good. And this is His work, not ours. Not two hours later (on our way to Bangna) I get a call from one of the assistants. "Hey, so your investigator Gob is at the church here in Asoke and wants to learn. What do you want us to teach her?" Apparently she was working near Asoke and was able to find the church. It just showed me that God can do all things and there is never reason to fret. God's got it. Who better than the assistants to resolve our investigator’s concerns?

Thursday. Sister Du and I are in Bangna. Assistants called and said that the new missionaries would get in around the evening so to go to Asoke Friday morning. 

Friday. Finally get my new companion. Another story to show you that President is insane but also insanely inspired. All you can do with President is to expect the unexpected and enjoy the ride. There are five new missionaries, right? Two sisters and three elders. Sister Du and I are the sister trainers and we were pretty positive that we knew who would be companions with whom. One of the Thai sisters was from Bangkapi (a baby area) and that was only about an hour or two away from Bangna (my area), and that’s far too close. So, logic would say that she (Sister Yanisa) would go with Sister Du and the other sister (Sister Autamakul) would go with me. I forgot that logic plays no factor when President is involved. 
He asks all ten of us to go into a room to match us up. He did the elders first. He took the name badges of the new missionaries and 'randomly' picked out which one would go where. He made it look completely random but I'm pretty sure (or at least am hoping) that he knew which name badge was whose. So the elders went with their companions and it was now time for the sisters. We made the comment that we were pretty positive who we were already going to be with. He looked at us and then stood up and said that he had to pray some more. 
He comes back after a time and asks us four sisters to come into his office and explains the situation to us. 
Apparently that morning he was pretty positive that Sister Yanisa would go with Sister Du and Sister Autamakul would go with me. Then when he was praying about it (the first time, not this last time), the Lord said to switch it. President said that that made no sense. The Lord still said to switch it. Then President did the whole calling us into the room to match us with our companions. When he got to the Sisters and we had already 'done' it, he thought “Yes! That would make more sense” and that's why he went back to pray some more. The Lord still said to switch it. So President switched it. He also reminded us of the story when the Lord had Prophet Samuel pick David to be the King (Old Testament). God's ways are not the world's ways. 
So we all leave the room completely shocked but willing to do whatever the Lord said. Who needs logic anyway? They tell us to go eat lunch but to come back in an hour. 
An hour passes and we ten return. President calls us four sisters back into his office and starts telling us the Bible story of Abraham. God had tested Abraham's obedience by telling him to sacrifice his son. Abraham was confused, among other things, but he trusted the Lord and so obeyed. Before Abraham actually sacrificed his son though, an angel stopped him. President Senior told us that the Lord told him to switch the companionships back again. It was an obedience test. Were we—and mostly President Senior—willingly to obey despite the insanity of what we were told to do? Yes. :)

I'm almost out of time and I still need to write President Senior. 
I love you all very very very very very much!!! =D 

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