Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bangna Letter--August 18, 2014

Hello everyone. This has been an excellent week. Would you like to know why? I will tell you. 
First off, I would like to remind everyone of something Mom and Dad always say: when you have trials, it's not because God doesn't love you but because God trusts you. Let's hope that is true.
So ... we have investigators!!!!!!!!!!! Haha I don't know if I have ever been so happy. We have people to teach! Whee! One of them is this adorable 17 year-old girl. Apparently we had contacted her before when it was raining but she had forgotten to go to the appointment. I don't remember so maybe it was the missionaries before us. Either way, she said that she had thought about us and baptism all the time since then--whenever she passed that first place where she met us. She couldn't stop thinking about it. So she searched Google about baptism. And then when she saw us again she came right up to us and told us she was interested. We were very surprised how willing she was to meet. haha. But yeah, she is great and so cute!
Another one is an interesting guy. He is 35 with absolutely no goals or plans for the future. He says that he can't say that he is happy because he hasn't really had any problems to compare it with. Sleep.eat.breathe.work.getmoney.spendmoney.sleep.etc. That's it. So we are working with him to help him have purpose in his life. We'll keep you posted. :)

Did I tell you last week about some of the issues that have been occurring amongst the new members? I can't remember. Anyway, we are resolving them. I don't like problems and drama (then again, who does?).
Two of our favorite RCs stopped talking to each other for some reason or other but we had to get involved because it was making stuff awkward for lessons and such. Anyway so here is our way of fixing the issue. We gave those two the responsibility to share a spiritual thought together for FHE. They had to plan together and do everything together. We didn't mention that we knew there was an issue. As a missionary, I don't want to get involved with people's personal issues. I just want everyone to get along so we can work efficiently. One of the RCs is very hot headed so apparently, to escape the issue, he went to Burma (it's like 3 or 4 hours away). Apparently he had to go for work too but he later told us that a main reason he went was so he could think clearly. But yeah, so for a whole day, he wouldn't answer the phone. The next day he called us, told us that he had repented, and that he was coming back. It was really really really really really comical. But they are good again so yeah, I'm happy.

There are still a lot of issues between members which is frustrating. I don't like drama. I want everyone to get along so we can have good experiences at church. Unfortunately we are all human and our emotions get in the way. So yeah. Our method of dealing with the issues is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have to get involved because these problems are hurting our RCs and making some of them question coming to church. It makes me sad that imperfect people's mistakes make other people think about leaving a perfect church. So yeah, our solution. We have lovingly pounded "enduring to the end" into our RC's heads. You do NOT go to church for others. You do NOT keep the commandments for others. You do these things for yourself and for Christ. I don't care if you hate everyone at church, you still go to church to partake of the sacrament. Yadayadayadayada. 
Also, we are getting the members that have the issues involved in our activities. We are starting to take our RCs with us to go visit LAs and we are involving the other members too. Service makes everyone happier, right? Also, if you serve together, you are more likely to love each other. That is our plan. 

So miracles.
Contacting has been really good this week. We go with the Elders to the same place every day. It's been really good. 
Also... miracle at church with an investigator named Lai. 
He is from Taiwan and speaks a little bit of English and a little bit of Thai but not a lot of either. He has been coming to church for about a week but we haven't been able to teach him because 'not free! not free!" so yeah. Two weeks ago I asked him if he wanted to be baptized but...yeah I didn't really understand his response. But either way, I think it got him thinking because yesterday at church he passed me a note telling me that he wanted to be baptized next week. Yay! The only thing is that he isn't free till Saturday. So we are going to be having some interesting phone lessons with him, trying to teach him everything before Saturday. Yeah. We can't do it but God can. So yeah. Faith. Good things are happening. 

But yeah. all in all, everything is good and getting better. We are happy. Super tired but happy. We are going to nap today (yay P-day). The Gospel solves all issues. 

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! =D

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