Monday, September 8, 2014

Bangna Letter--August 25, 2014

Sorry this is late. I really thought I had this up 2 weeks ago.

I swear August just started. Where did it go?
Happy birthday Sam!!

This week has been good. Miracles. Fun stuff. 
Lai—the Taiwan guy—is really good. He didn't get baptized yesterday because he wasn't feeling well (and no time) but he passed his interview and good to go for this upcoming Sunday. I tried teaching via text but it was hard, man. haha. So I kept everything really simple and taught it all Sunday morning. A member named News helped me teach. She can speak Thai (obviously) and pretty decent English too. So the lesson was a mix of English, Thai, and Chinese (when we had him pray and read in the scriptures). 
THE OTHER MIRACLE is really exciting! So do you guys remember Rachhai? He has been an investigator for about 4 months now (soooo long) because he didn't have the proper documents to be baptized. BUT he and his son are now going to be baptized this upcoming Sunday. He is sooo excited because he has waited so long. 
You know, telling you guys about it, 4 months doesn't seem like too long but you think about how investigators can usually be baptized within 2-3 weeks, 4 months is a lifetime.
RCs are good. Still problems. Our plan is the same: do not get involved and just strengthen everyone's faith in Christ. No need to worry though—our RCs call us and let us know what the issues are. They trust us and know that we are safe ground. I remember Mom's guidance in middle and high school when my friends had issues—don't pick sides and stay in the middle. Love everyone. 

I don't really know what to tell you guys because I don't really know what you want to hear. Life is good? 
Cooking has been interesting. Tastey too. My only concern is whether America has all the ingredients we need ...

So for Monday nights, we have started our own visiting/home teaching kinda thing. We are splitting the RCs into groups and we are visiting LAs, RCs, and part-member families. It's going good. We got someone to come back to church already. It's really fun. It's great for the RCs because they want to help and get involved. They have strong testimonies and this will help them grow outside of a lesson setting. We have also given RCs assignments to watch over other RCs and share spiritual thoughts with them, get to know them, be friends, etc. Going good. 

I'm glad the house is almost (?) done. So... you said Stu is moving into the parent's room? What is Stu's room going to become? Is my room the same? 

Congratulations to Chris for making it past the one-year mark. (He did on September 1) Woo hoo! That's sooo weird that it has been a whole year already. 
What else happened in September last year? Is Benjamin's birthday coming up? (It's on August 28) All I remember is that a lot happen September 1st last year but I can't remember what. haha. :)

Everything is good. My Thai is improving because I have a native as a companion. It's fun. 
Life is good.

Oh! I went on a switch-off last week with a sister named Sister Peck from Idaho. We found out that she took a class from Uncle Bill (Uncle Bill, right?) last semester. She said it was one of her favorite classes. Yay Uncle Bill. :)

So who is the daughter of the friend of Uncle Matt? 

I don't know what else to report on. My frisbee skills are improving because we play every Saturday? We never ride our bikes here in Bangna? 


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