Monday, September 22, 2014

Sapansung Letter--September 22, 2014

Sister Slaugh's subject line was "Area Number 6."

Dear family,

I just watched a puppy and a kitten attempt to fight. The reason I say attempt: the puppy was inside the internet raan and the kitty was outside and there was a huge glass door between them. It was really cute and funny. I have a picture.

So, another transfer has gone by and I have been reminded of how much I dislike packing and unpacking. I am currently in Sapansung. I am still in the Bangkok East Zone. As a reminder, Bangkapi (first area), Srinakarin (second), and Bangna (the area I just left) are also in this zone. Actually, I have been in every area in this zone except for Samut Prakan and that area doesn't have sisters. Technically Srinakarin no longer has sisters as well but that happened a couple transfers after I left. I claim master of this zone. Haha. One of the zone leaders has been my zone leader for the past 5 months. By the time he and I end together, we will have served together/around each other for about 6-7 months. 

I have also been called as Sister Training Leader. So that means I take care of the other sisters in this zone—kinda like zone leaders do for district leaders. I’ve only been doing it for three days and I can already tell how much love and care is put into this work. I follow up with the Zone Leaders and Sister Senior about how the sisters are doing in the zone. "How are they? Are they happy? How can we help them?" It's really cool. I've been reading a lot about leadership in the missionary handbook lately. Christ-like leadership is really different from worldly leadership. It's really amazing to study. :) 

To Dad's comment about autumn: if it makes you feel any better, Thailand is going into the cold season soon. And by that we mean the not-so-hot season. :) The rainy season is ending now. Boy did it rain a lot. :)

Mom, yay seminary! Wait, the Krauses have moved back? Haha it’s like nothing changed. They left after me and came back before. :) What town are they living in now? Sarah Kramer has been keeping me updated on college life with Aza. How are the rest of the seminary people doing? Are Bradley and Owen in college yet? Or is this their senior year? That's sooooo weird. I feel old. How about Kenzie, Patty, Alex, Rob, Ali, Matthew, Chris, and everyone else? Faegan moved, right?

That's interesting about Mom and the phone. (In brief, Mom’s phone broke, so she got a new one.) The mission just got new phones too. Touch-screen. Not iPhone status but closer than anything else I’ve ever used. It's been taking some getting used to. 

Yay inviting people to church! I’ll be praying for you guys! :) Yay missionary work. :)

Dad, thanks for your talk. I really did like it. I like how you were able to tie it all together—Christ's life and commandments. I think being a missionary has really taught me a lot about the importance of commandments. I love teaching others about the commandments—they are soooo good! I love when we get to the promises and blessings. :)

Delsa, (question about which is more logical, Thai or English): Thai grammar is really simple so sometimes it gets confusing when someone tries to say a complex thought using Thai grammar (scripture reading is really hard sometimes). When it comes to vocabulary, Thai all the way. It makes soooooooo much sense. It's so simple. Happiness is a good heart. Sadness is a broken heart. A towel is a cloth that dries and wipes the body. Parents is dadmom. Repentance is turning your heart. Enduring to the end is enduring until you die (technically it is until you can no longer find your life or something like that. It makes sense in Thai). Thai vs Chinese: Thai you can sound out. But there are a ton more vowels in Thai than in English. 

It's been really interesting switching from a Thai companion to a farang (white) companion. I literally keep finding myself wanting to speak Thai with her and then having to stop myself and translate my thoughts in English. Literally my brain is sooo gone. I tried to write Thailand the other day and I wrote thainlad and thought nothing was wrong. My journal is hilarious to read because there are so many mistakes.

Fruits? There are these little gray-brownish ball things ... Haha I’ll take a picture. Mangos are out of season. So are mangkok ... however you spell that in English. The red fruit – ngong—is in season. It’s red with green spiky-looking (but fuzzy-feeling) stuff on it. Pictures. Will do.

Clothes? A lot of it is going to be left here—bike stains, sweat stains, pen stains, rips, etc. Favorite clothes to wear: I like wearing bright colors. Only short-sleeves. I prefer longer skirts (calf-length) because I can sit cross-legged. I’m not really tired of my clothes because I know I can't change them. Haha :) I already left the ones I didn't like anymore and picked up new ones from different sisters. 

Shoes are good. I haven’t used any of the shoes I brought on my mission except for the sneakers ... sorry Mom. 

Side note: Sapansung is not a biking area.

Yup ... I think that's everything ... I’ll give you more of an update on the area and investigators here once I figure it out ... so next week ... sorry :)

Love you all!!! =D

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