Monday, October 13, 2014

Sapansung Letter--October 13, 2015

GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Today for P-day my companion and I are going to get ice cream and watch the priesthood session. Haha we want more conference. :) 

Actually, I have a good experience to share about Conference. Prior to Conference I was kinda worried about what our investigators and new members would think about it. As much as I love conference, I also realized that sometimes things included in talks are really complex for new member or new investigators. We did our best to prepare our new members and investigators by testifying that we love conference, that everything we will hear is truth, that these people representatives of God, etc. but I was still kinda worried. Throughout conference, I was constantly praying that they would at least kinda understand the main topics. It turns out—obviously—that I had no need to be worried. After the first session I talked to two walk-ins about their experience. They didn't understand much of anything but they said they felt good. They felt peace. They knew that this was good. They agreed to meet with us during the week. That experience strengthened my testimony of finding the elect (or them finding us) and of the power of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is real. He is working harder than us to help these people. 

I loved the common themes. The prophet. God does in fact still speak to man and He has called leaders of the church to guide us and to be His spokespeople. We need not be afraid because God is near. As long as we have prepared ourselves by properly listening to His chosen, we will be alright. I love how they talked about working with people of different faiths and standards. Love truly is the answer to everything and the essence of the gospel. I also loved how much they emphasized that we all need individual and strong testimonies. For the last days ahead, we need to be prepared. We will face trials and struggles and tribulations of all sorts but we can be confident. We can disagree without being disagreeable. I also love how much they emphasized the sacrament—do we prepare ourselves enough for this sacred ordinance? I loved Elder Oaks’ talk. And President Monson’s talk. And Elder Klegindat's about "Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence." I also liked how much emphasis they put on protecting the home. The home truly is the most important thing. I love watching how Lorri, David, Delsa, Jon, Sam, and Samantha raise their kids. As a missionary, I try so hard to help people gain the faith of a child—I try to copy what parents do for their kids. I'm an example of what a good family with parents who keep their covenants can do for a kid. Obviously there are still exceptions and obstacles but the principles are always the same. 

As always, it was fun seeing how many scripture masteries they used. Speaking of scripture masteries, Mom, I will do my best to memorize those scriptures. I'll try to do it in Thai but I can't promise anything. Haha :)
Yay missionary experiences! Yay talking to people. :) Yay family history work! =D 

Speaking of Thailand and small worlds—an RM here knows Lorri too. I don't know his full name but I will find out and let you know when I know. President Senior thinks it's cool how someone Lorri taught is currently a missionary (I think this is referring to someone else now that gender has changed). I love seeing her at meetings. She is doing really well. 

Dad, that is really interesting about the fireside. I think it is interesting how Elder Perry and Elder Christofferson just want every church to increase their activity—it doesn't have to be just ours. I really like. They just want more people of faith. Yay :) 

In other news, things are going well. Unfortunately, our fantastic 'golden' dater from last week stopped answering the phone (which hurts the most because we don't know what happened) and our other golden dater couldn't come to church yesterday so her baptism has to be delayed a week. But, on the up side, we had two rescues and prevented one RC and another member from missing their fourth week and going LA (according to missionary standard). You win some and you lose some but you keep on going. :) I liked President Monson's talk about walking as the Savior walked—we still have disappointments but we are still successful. 

I'm not sure if I really have anything else to report. Haha. I hope everything is well!! =D


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