Monday, October 6, 2014

Sapansung Letter--October 6, 2014

I AM SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!! I get to watch it this Saturday and Sunday at the church. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! =D It's odd how the idea of sitting in front of a TV watching older people giving talks for 10 hours is exciting BUT IT IS!!!!!!!!! When we teach new members and investigators about conference, we usually ask them to prepare about 5 questions that they want answered. Then they have to come to conference (as much as they can) and listen carefully. The more they put in, the more they will get out. I've really enjoyed doing the same. 

This week...I felt that I was in a taxi for most of it. Haha. On Wednesday we had MLC (mission leadership council) in Asoke. Then for Thursday and Friday we (Zone Leaders and us) went around to the different areas in our zone (4 not including ours) to give the training that we received at MLC. So many taxi trips. I felt really bad for my companion because she gets car sick … yeah … So we are really grateful for the days that we are just in our home area. :) 
I really love this new training that we got. Lately we have felt confused at the direction from different leaders and haven't felt super unified. The new training has solved all of those issues. It's sooo good! We now are BRAFTing missionaries ... yes I know it sounds weird. Our purposes: Baptism, retention, activation, finding, teaching. Anyway, it's really good and we really really like it. :) 

I have a question. The window above mine ... is that to the attic or to your new bedroom? Is the attic on the same level as your bedroom? Huh ... I am really curious to see this in person ...

I'm impressed you guys have already started decorating for Halloween. Some of my mission friends have already made suggestions what I should go as: a dead missionary (in missionary lingo a dead missionary is one that finished their mission). Originally I thought I was travelling during Halloween but it has recently come to my attention that I get home Halloween morning? (Actually about 7pm Halloween) I actually have no idea...nor does it matter. Unfortunately this topic comes up a lot because one of our zone leaders (we are in the same district) is dying as well. Members bring it up a lot. 

The work is going really well here. God has made a lot of miracles happen this week even though we haven't been in our area every day. Sister Candy got baptized!!!! Her getting interviewed and passing was a miracle in and of itself. We had scheduled the interview for Thursday morning thinking that there was enough buffer time before Sunday (the baptism). She lives with a member and that is her mode of transportation to the church. Unfortunately, the member had to go to work early Thursday and Friday ... and Saturday. The thing is that we needed to meet with Candy before Sunday. So what was the solution? We meet her Saturday at 7am. Haha. Soooo early. We had to wake up at 6 to get ready in time. Technically, we really shouldn't be leaving the house till like noon every day because of studies (we have extra studies because Sister Peck—my companion—is a new missionary). But whatever it takes to get them ready for baptism. Haha. :) 

We had a really cool investigator come to church yesterday. His name is Jackpot. He is sooooo cool! He has been wanting to change religions but was always kinda too scared to go to church. Luckily (or divinely) he met us two weeks while we were contacting. He is sooooo good! He has such great understanding.  He wants it. And you can tell he wants it because he reads the scriptures every day. He prays every day. He isn't ashamed about praying in front of his friends. He gets it. He is sooooo cool!!!!!!! =D He is on schedule to get baptized this next Sunday.

Oh. Yes I totally approve a dual open house. (Another missionary in our ward is coming home at about the same time as Sister Slaugh, and his family suggested we hold a dual open house for them.) I very much approve. Though I apologize in advance that I might not be much for parties ... I am planning on huddling under about 20 blankets because I will be so cold.

I am most excited about conference and Jackpot getting baptized.
I approve of Rachel’s cast colors. haha. I also approve that she is becoming left-handed. It's a good. :) 
YAY COCONUT WATER!!!!!! I literally drink it like all the time. I am so happy. 

So what is everyone going as for Halloween? 

Hm...I don't know what else there is. 

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