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Chiang Mai Letter--December 16, 2013

I feel like my subject lines (this one was "is December seriously halfway done?") are usually me shocked at the calendar date. But seriously, where did December go? And November and October and September?
So first things first: Christmas! P-day next week will not be on Monday like usual but will be on Wednesday (aka the 25th). So...skyping. I'll leave that to you family members to figure out what time you want to skype. I can do it as early at 8 or 9am (Thailand time) or can do it later too. Whatever you would like. My only request is that someone make me a skype login because I forgot mine. Haha oops :) Yay this will be fun! =D
...I just realized I have no way of getting in touch with you before the 25th's just say I'll get on the computer around 9 or 10am. Wow that's not specific. Um... I'll try to get on as earlier as I can. Yeah, that'll work. :)
This past week as been really interesting. My companion has been sick so we haven't been able to go inviting for the entire week (expect for one hour on Wednesday). Instead, the Lord has given us appointments during those hours. There was one day when an investigator and an less active called us to schedule appointments - that's sooooooooooo rare! And that happened another day as well. We just couldn't go out contacting but we had the desire to do God's work and so He provided a way. He can and will take whatsoever we can give Him and He will make miracles happen. AndSunday! Sunday was soooooo amazing! We had so many investigators at church that we were not planning on. Investigators brought friends, members invited former investigators, and another former investigator just randomly showed up and said she wanted to learn. What. None of that had anything to do with us. God just loves making miracles happen when we have the faith and the desire for them to happen.
And then Sunday night was super cool too! Sundays are always super long days and by the end we just want to go home because we are exhausted. And this Sunday we had choir for 3 long long hours. But at 8 we had an appointment with a member that has been really struggling. His name is Tu and is 21 years old. We love him to death. He has great church attendance because of his calling (secretary and choir director) but he has told us many times that when it comes to scripture reading or praying, he just doesn't. He hasn't read the scriptures in almost a year. So we made this appointment with him but he kept on trying to convince us to cancel - it's so late, you're tired, it's not worth it, etc. But we kept at it. We basically had a little testimony meeting of us, him, and four other members that are his friends. It was sooooo cool! Our original plan was just to read together to help him get started but before we could start, he asked me if I knew the Book of Mormon was true and if I did, how. I gave my answer but I didn't feel like I could really express myself like I would like to. Then we all went around the room, sharing how everyone knew the Book of Mormon was true. When it got to him, he said he didn't. He wasn't even sure that he believed it was true. He told us a lot of other things too. He never reads and hardly prays. He doesn't feel anything. He is always stressed and doesn't have any motivation to read. At the core of the issue, the 6 friends that introduced him to this gospel and helped him when he first became a member have all fallen away. They want nothing to do with the church. That hurt him soooo much.
And it was at that point that the Spirit really kicked in, at least that's when I felt it really strongly. In 1 Nephi 7:15, Nephi says that the Spirit constrained him to speak unto his brothers. I now think I understand what Nephi was saying. The words I was saying weren't mine. The experiences and the belief was but the words and power that accompanied them were not. There was a point where I was kinda scared that I was being too bold but, like Nephi, I felt constrained to speak. Oh my goodness, family, I can't even explain it. It is so amazing! To feel the Spirit work through you is so utterly amazing. The Spirit was so strong when all three of us (my companions and I) were bearing powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the Plan of Salvation. We opened our mouths and the Lord was able to make miracles happen through three sisters, young in age and young in experience. My trainer told me that she loves calling people to repentance and now I totally understand her. Not repentance like "You're a sinner. Repent or go to he..." but repentance like "Come unto Christ and become perfected in Him. Draw closer to the Savior and partake of His love." Things like that. Like bearing powerful testimony to Brother Tu about the power of the Book of Mormon and inviting him to start anew and feast upon its pages. He called us this morning thanking us. He said he's going to start reading again. He said last night really helped. Yeah power of the Holy Ghost!! =D I love being a missionary soooooo much!
So I guess I should kinda explain what's going to happen this week in my life.
Today we are going to a 3D art museum with one of our beloved members (she is basically our mom in Chiang Mai). Hopefully we are also going to be told whether we are moving or not.
Tomorrow is going to interesting. We have our final two presentations to the college students so that will last from 8am-1pm. And then we have to practice our skit for the branch Christmas party (it's about the legend of Santa Claus). And somewhere in there will be lunch...we think. And then probably packing because one of us is probably moving (my two companions have both been together for the last two transfers so there definitely going to be some kind of change). And then there is a branch Christmas party at 6 or 7. And then that night we have to leave for Bangkok. Wednesday: Transfer meeting. We will get into Bangkok that morning. Then have transfers. And then go back to Chiang Mai. Yay long bus rides... but hey, I should be getting a new companion! :)
Thursday: Get back to Chiang Mai in the really early morning and sleep. That night we have the District Christmas party (at 7) and we are singing in the choir.
Friday: The District Christmas party is two days long so we are doing that again.
Saturday: working. But President Senior is also coming up and our zone is having a little Christmas party with him and Sister Senior.
Sunday: same as Saturday. Sister Rii and her daughter are getting baptized!!!! =D
Monday: a normal work day...we think.
Tuesday (Christmas Eve): still have English class
Wednesday: P-day and talking to you guys :) A member invited us over for Christmas dinner so we probably will do that.
And that will be my life until I next talk to you.
Sister Abigail Lee Slaugh
Thailand Bangkok Mission
1645/6 New Phetchburi Road
Makkasan, Ratchathewi
Bangkok 10400

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