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Chiang Mai Letter--December 9, 2013

If you are curious about the subject line (which was "Mormon girls ... how ridiculous"), that's what a farang said to us this week while inviting. What made it funnier was that he was British with crooked teeth and nose. It was just really funny.
So this week. I felt like it went by super quickly. Everyone keeps on reminding me that this is my last week as a teenager. I refuse to admit it. It's not happening :)
I feel like there really isn't much to tell about this week. Just a normal week in missionary life. what are the highlights?
We are teaching this absolutely amazing fantastic investigator. Her name is Sister Rii. She is literally so amazing. The Elders found her contacting but she wasn't in their area so they gave her to me (technically us but it's my area). She literally is so prepared by God. We asked her what she thought faith was. "I think it is believing in something that you can't really see but is true." Well hello there Alma. Nice to meet you. :) She woke up at 5am once to read the Book of Mormon. She's already done with 1 Ne. We asked her if she believed it was true. She said she knew it was more than true. She couldn't describe it. When we taught her about keeping the Sabbath day holy, she immediately said that she had faith that God would help her find a way to keep that commandment. She is so absolutely amazing in every way. Her 10 year-old wants to get baptized too. Oh my goodness family, Sister Rii is sooo amazing.
It is so evident to me that God is really hastening His work. The people He is bringing into His church right now in Thailand are so prepared and so amazing. They will not be passive members. On Saturday, Benz and Joy got baptized (the Elders were teaching them). Benz is my age and really wants to be a missionary. Last month, Ford (investigator of the other sisters) got baptized. He is 16 but really wants to help teach and really wants to be a missionary too. Same with R, another investigator that got baptized this month. All over Thailand, God is leading His children to the church. He is bringing the people that will help His church grow the best. It is sooooooo cool! It's such a blessing to be a part of this work. So amazing in every way.
On Thursday, we three sisters translated for a young single adult activity (district-wide). It was fun but kinda weird. Most of the YSA (there is about 20 of them) can understand English pretty well. They were helping us translate for them. The awkward part was the topic matter: table and eating etiquette, dancing, and being a gentlemen. I can teach about the restoration, the great apostasy, the plan of salvation, faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, enduring to the end, priesthood, temple marriage, and all that other good stuff. But really? They ask us to translate about table etiquette. I wish we had taken a picture. The three of us were sitting down at a table with a couple dictionaries in front of us trying to translate as best as we could. It was a lot like charades. It was really fun and really good. I love those people so much. They are a lot of fun. else...
Transfers is the 19th. The District Christmas party is the 19th and 20th (yes two days. We party hard here in Thailand). We may make it back for the 20th. It's just really hard because everyone was counting on us missionaries being there to help with the choir. But... I really really want to get my new companion. I love Sister Ng and Norrell soooo much and I love their branch but I am excited to be able to just care for my branch again. Taking care for two branches is a lot of work and I feel like I could do a better job if I only had one branch again. :)
Um... a couple of weeks ago Sister Senior (President's wife) gave us some more bike safety stuff. We now have reflective vests to wear at night. Yeah...they're kinda awkward but at least we're safe, right? :) The funny thing is that someone once ran up to us thinking that we were the police. I felt really bad for that lady because she needed the police and we weren't them but it was slightly comical that she thought we were the police.
So to answer Delsa's question about how the Thai people celebrate Christmas. There are some decorations out but not a lot. Kinda like early November in the states when some stores start bring out decorations too early. Members celebrate Christmas by having branch and district parties. I don't think people really do the whole tree thing. Thai people kinda celebrate it because it's a farang holiday about presents. Very few people here understand that Christmas is a religious holiday celebrating the birth of the Savior of the world.
I'm sorry about the snow. I know you guys said I couldn't talk about the weather in Thailand during winter time but I'm going to break that rule. It's actually been pretty cold here in the mornings. I need a sweater otherwise my arms are cold. It obviously isn't as cold as in the states and it probably isn't even that cold because I just got used to Thai weather but still. It's colder than usual. So I kinda feel your pain. I'm drinking hot chocolate some times :) Well I guess warm chocolate milk because I don't like it too hot.
personal study has been in Alma about all the missionary stories. It's super cool because I can relate to the missionaries and I understand where they are coming from. :)
um...yeah... sorry. There isn't much else to report. I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!! =D
~Sister Slaugh

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