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Chiang Mai Letter--December 2, 2013

Hey Family!

Sorry this letter is late (not that it makes much of a difference for you folks). A nearby college is doing a sort of "World Religions" class and so students are going to different churches to learn about them. They chose our church to be the representative of the Christian religion. There will be 6 sessions - each about 2.5 hours long - over a period of 4 non-consecutive days. The hour and half (ish) is just us giving a presentation. The rest of the time is the students asking questions. It's actually pretty cool. We had two sessions this morning. The presentation covers the plan of salvation, prophets prophesying about Christ, Christ's birth, life, and ministry, the Atonement, the great apostasy (and dark ages), and then the Restoration up to the Saints arriving in Utah. It also covers the organizations in the church and stuff like that. It's a really good presentation which gives an overview of our beliefs. And the questions so far from the students have been really good ones. Well, usually. Some of the students didn't care much but other ones were really interested. There are about 42 students for each session.

So this week...well...this week was weird. Monday was mission tour. Tuesday was P-day and English class. Wednesday was normal. Thursday was Thanksgiving! We went to a farang member's house and it was sooooo good. Think traditional Thanksgiving dinner - turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, bread, banana bread, pie, cranberry sauce, stuffing. It was all sooooo good. We all were so stuffed afterwards it was hard to move. Soooo good!

Friday was pretty normal too. The Jehovah Witnesses never showed up. One had to go look for an apartment to live in and the other was in the hospital for something. This means we probably will never have to met with them - they don't have our number and we aren't planning on calling them to reschedule. I am very grateful we didn't meet with them.

Inviting on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday was hard for all three of us. It was hard to get motivated. Hard to keep on inviting after rejection after rejection and people laughing. But oh well. We kept on doing it. Saturday was soooo good though. It was kinda like God was testing our resolve and obedience Wed-Fri, but on Saturday He just threw out lots of blessings. It was really good. We met some really cool people. The only downside to Friday was visiting a less active who is slightly crazy and we don't know how she got baptized in the first place. She claims she has already taken her records out of the church. The reason I say that she only claims that she's done this is because I don't think she ever called the Branch President in order to take them out. She has only said that she's taken them out. All the same, it's so hard visiting her. There is just not a good spirit at her house.

Saturday night the Elders had a baptism. His name is R and he is just a good guy. Oh my goodness he is so awesome and amazing.

Sunday was really good. We have some really cool new investigators. They are really interested and really willing to keep the commandments. They are a mom and her 10 year-old daughter. The mom is sooo cute and so fantastic. And the daughter asked us how long she has to learn before she can become a missionary. And Sunday was the first day we met the daughter. Soooo cute.

I have no idea what is going on for Christmas. Apparently transfers might change from the 19th to being closer or after Christmas but I really don't know. I will let you know as soon as I know. I'm assuming we'll still be skyping on Christmas but I don't actually know for sure. :)

I don't know if there is really much else to report. Every month President Senior sends out a newsletter and in this one he told us that there were 109 baptisms and 69 reactivation in Thailand in November. He says that that is the size of one ward! The work is progressing, faster and faster. This new contacting method is making it go even faster. It is sooo exciting! It is soo amazing to be a part of this work.

I love you all sooo very much and my prayers are with you. Please be safe and never lose hope. As Preach My Gospel says, all that is unfair in this life can be made right through the atonement of Jesus Christ. He is our Lord and Savior and our older brother. He and Heavenly Father love us very much and are very mindful of us. More times than not, we don't understand why we have certain trials. That's when one of my favorite verses comes in: "I know that He loveth His children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things" (1 Nephi 11:17)

Run the good race and finish the course. Fight the good fight and keep the faith. I love you all sooooo very much!

Sister Slaugh :)

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